Chronic illness

The Life I deserve

Chronic illness has taken more things from me than I care to count. I’ve lost friends, experiences, my health and so much more I could probably write a book. Looking back at what I’ve lost doesn’t change anything it has happened and that is that. Right now all that matters is the life I have and try to turn it into the life I deserve. We deserved to be loved no matter what our Patient file says, many people run away when they hear that I am chronically ill. In the beginning it used to bother me because I thought something was wrong with me and that no one will ever love me because of my illnesses but was I wrong. Those who ran away just couldn’t handle my superpowers aka the way I handled things and I am glad I didn’t chase after them because it wouldn’t be worth it. The people I have in my life currently are the ones I deserve, the ones that make me feel loved and cared for, the ones that look out for me and check up on me. The life I have now is the one I deserve and yes I do miss out on the normal things a young adult gets to do but it is not the life for me and I have come to realize that. It took me a while but I am happy with the life I have now despite its many challenges. I wouldn’t want to be a normal young adult.

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You are such a blessing, to so many people, even if they don’t know how to show it. Don’t dim your light for anyone! Keep shining bright.

Dear Layla 🤗
You are such a brave young lady. You inspires a lot off people (me).
My God bless you.

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