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A follow up on Push yourself. I know it was more for a two stories in one so I thought I would separate the two and go into more detail.

So the dog bite that I got in September 2019 got septic, I had some idea of what it meant. All I knew is that it was a life or lose situation, you are probably thinking doesn’t she mean death, and nope I mean lose. If I didn’t get the sepsis removed I would have lost my arm. I got admitted and the surgeon saw me and organized me to be operated on the next day. It was a really weird experience having your arm operated on and having to do wound care for 2 months, thankfully my mom was there to help with the would care part as it was on my upper right arm so I couldn’t clean the wound myself. Luckily I didn’t get any stitches but that meant open wound and more risk of infection so I had to be very careful. I missed two prelims but was luckily enough to not have to repeat matric, or have not writting the two exams mess up my marks. Two months forward I had to write my finals, which I was prepared for. Towards the end of my exams I got a bladder infection which for me usually come often, but this time my bladder infections just got worse than my previous one (basically it didn’t go away just got worse). My GP suggested we make an appointment to go see a urologist in the new year but it just got worse so after finals were over I got to see the urologist and be admitted into hospital for more tests as bladder conditions are quite common with lupus so to rule anything out that could cost me my bladder they did a cystoscopy which is a bladder scope and needless to say my results were less than normal…

Stay tuned for a follow up post.

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I love the shirts. Beautiful thought. Will support u some day soon by getting one for myself. In remembrance of my mom. ❤️❤️❤️

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