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Push yourself

High school, they say you will want to go back once you’ve finished but for me, I definitely do not want to go back. Why? you ask well because I did grade 10 twice and grade 12 over two years by splitting up my subjects (unevenly). It was a long road to finish high school, in my last year I was really sick and in that same year my aunt passed away from cancer. So out of all of my years of finishing high school, I must say 2019 sucked.

Despite everything, I still pushed on. In 2019 about the second week into September, I got bitten by a dog on my right arm close to the main artery the doctor said if the dog had just gone 1cm to the right the dog would have pierced my artery and if you have watched greys anatomy that is not good. I went straight to GP to get my tetanus shot and to get antibiotics as I know I get infections quickly. It wasn’t my usual GP so when I told him I had Lupus and RA he put me on such a high dose of antibiotics (so I wouldn’t get an infection). Never the less my body decided no thanks we don’t need these antibiotics lets give her an infection, so my flare started which usually means an infection starts. So the usual thing that I suspect is a bladder infection when they came back clear and I didn’t have a cold we just left it. Then I started feeling really weird, was dizzy and was just not feeling myself. My GP suggested that we see a Urologist in 2020 and we agreed to do so. My bladder infection next went away in fact it just got worse so we planned an emergency appointment with a Urologist because it was December and not many doctors are free then, but luckily we got to see one. She admitted me for a day at the hospital to do a cystoscopy and a bladder biopsy. The results were worse than we thought…

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