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3 C’s: Corona, Compromised & Coping

The whole world is in panic at the moment regarding the covoid19 pandemic or corona virus whatever you want to call it. Those with compromised immune systems are more worried than ever. We can’t go shopping without worrying about catching something. Don’t think we must now stop going to doctor appointments because that doesn’t stop either, that continues. While the world seems to be on pause our health doesn’t take a break it carries on. We are anxious and stressed out because if we get the virus it’s not months of recovery it could be a year until we have fully recovered. This is just one of the thoughts going through my head personally, my OCD and anxiety levels are off their leash. So how do I cope with this? Well here are a couple things I do to help me through times like these.

➳ Listening to music (make sure you are by yourself with no distractions if possible

➳ Breathing exercises

➳ Adult colouring in books

➳ Colouring in apps on my iphone (such as oil painting, gallery and many more)

➳ Play with my dogs

I try this before I feel or when I feel anxiety, they help me a lot and distract me from the word around me. I try to distract myself best I can but its not always easy, some days I write down all the positive things I see in my life on that day some days it’s a lot of things and others not so many. Reading back on them makes me realize how lucky I am and also brings that spark of positivity back into my days.

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Whoop whoop Layla!!
You can do this 🙌
I’m praying for you and thinking about you 🙂 🌵
Strongs soldier 💂🏻‍♀️

Keep safe, isolate and keep well. Thinking of you brave Layla! So much to cope with at such a young age!!! Love and prayers coming your way.

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